Exit right

It’s beyond the day after

and the aftermath does not add

to our joy or our laughter

but summons our pain

– reminiscent of infant earache –

underlying, intensifying, uncontrollable:

screaming for a solution to take

the bitter taste of the pill

from our hearts, our minds

suffering from our brother’s ills

– awaiting a dawn after the night –

in the muddy ruins of twilight.



The passing place

What is this? A passing place

a space with room to manoeuvre

and remove the prospect of collision

not the correct space for turning

but if that yearning be pressed

it would pass


A pause, a glance

something heartfelt that you can’t articulate

the deadweight of a stone

in the belly of the wolf



The ray of light that broke the cloud departed.

I descend; the pace increasing, the pulse

steadying after the shock.

Sat in its shadow as evening draws a close on the chapter

I survey the soaring ramparts, searching for the return

that will never come.

A joyful ache takes away the pain as I sit

staring at the pieces, pondering the next move;

upward glances marking time

in the silent lullaby of Liathach’s lament.

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Behind the scenes

Some recognition of the work that goes on behind the scenes to make a hill race happen. Last year’s Slioch Horseshoe features in the latest edition of The Fellrunner. One of many great photos documenting the race by Phil Hindell.

Fellrunner photo