Finding my line is all well and good

but it does not help to flood

my lungs with the oxygen I so desperately need

to feed my blood

so I can soar away from the pain and succeed

rather than bleed and sink gasping

grasping for some hope and some sign

of a glorious descent

and the line drawn by another

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Goatfell Race 2013

Goatfell 2013 Start 

Mustering for the start with our destination in view.


Exiting the forest on the lower slopes

goatfell ascent 2013

The ascent in worsening conditions

Goatfell Race 2013

About halfway of the ascent complete.

goatfell descent 2013

This needs to be descended at speed.

goatfell summit condition 2013

Conditions at the summit turnaround point.

descending_goatfell_2013 crop

Unleash the demon. The Kamikaze Goat winds up for a sub 6 through the turns.

Goatfell 2013 approaching turn and final stretch to Brodick

Approaching the final road section back to Brodick.

Finishing Goatfell 2013

At the finish, spent, but still pushing a sub 7 min mile pace.