Against the wall

it’s like banging your head against the wall

that would not fall

but you did

as you slid

trying to flee

all that would never be

all that would stop you from standing tall

it’s like banging your head against the wall



Dereliction and devotion

“You see,” I said

“I can’t write award winning poetry

and do housework.”

And at no point

did she turn to me and say,

“You can’t write award winning poetry.”

Karma suits you

an invite

a tentative knock at the door

tea and toast and tears

and all those things shared through the years

if I could I would love you more

less flexible now and yet

still we remain




Day of the wren

No time for eloquence

to fall upon frustrated ears.

No Sanhedrin and no Saul,

the onlooker was but a call

away, shielded behind the safety

of the bloodied panic button.

A glutton for punishment

and conscription, was voluntary.




Beyond Merlin Crag

beyond Merlin Crag

a glistening Aradaidh awaits

the broken sky as breathless as I

plodding rather than prancing

up the rough track more

usually travelled by machine

bumping and jostling

its cossetted occupants